a letter.


To the friends of e.p. hall,

This is the point at which we will finally explain things that we have lately been cryptic about.

e.p., who is me, writing the words that you’re reading or not-really-reading at this moment, has until now treated e.p. hall, and by extension you, the loyal few of you that there are, mostly as a mistress. That is, there have been other things, involving data and science and stuffs cognition, that have acted as the prime and legitimate claimants to time and energy and life.

And this is a painful business, because you come home smelling like someone else and you wonder what could have been, and what is being missed, and whether you will be found out.

Such tensions became particularly clear during our attempt over the preceding months to finish a new record and to plan a few brief tour-jaunts. Over and over again, the mouths of academic professionalization consumed everything, and things were postponed and excuses were made, and you were gracious and wonderful anyway. And we tried not to cheapen things by throwing together something we didn’t believe in, and so instead I was honest with you.

But after some careful thought and some serendipitous events of timing and opportunity, it has recently become clear that this whole matter of the project needed to be addressed in a deliberate way--that it and the people who care about it deserved the respect and attention that such a thing would afford. Especially since we wont be young and able to do so forever.

So, there has lately started a year that belongs to e.p. hall and the people who care about it. Mommy Crow (to be released in the US Nov 24, 2009 following a CD release party in Bloomington on the 21st) will be bigger and better than anticipated, and will now be released on IFF-Transponder Recordings, the UK-based label made up of dear and wonderful friends who have cared long and hard about this thing we’ve been doing.

There will also be a good bit of touring, both in the US and Europe, once the project is released. Instrumental in this endeavor are Andy Goheen, my bandmate and general partner in musical crime; IFF-Transponder, of course; DMH, who is composed almost entirely of sunlight, warmth, encouragement, and quiet wisdom, and who tolerates my general ridiculousness; the members of my academic life who have tolerated, and sometimes even believed in and enthusiastically supported, this endeavor, and finally each person who has attended a show, sent a message, bought a CD, or manipulated friends into doing the same, as well as every band and venue who has befriended us and shared themselves with us. I remember and keep every single thing that has been said or sent, and I hope that you’ll continue to support us as the sort of business upon which we now embark can be very scary and hard and we mostly do not know what we are doing. Knowing that you find this project meaningful is what enables us to endure the doubtful moments.

We will see you soon.



e.p. (and andy)

(say things back if you would like via ep at ephall dot com)